Dirty Lemon Martini

Considering the situation, we have renamed these “Quarentinis. “We are advised by Nigella to, “sip elegantly or knock back as needed.”!

2 shots gin or vodka
1/2 shot white vermouth
1 tsp. juice from a jar of preserved lemons

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the three ingredients. Shake, then pour into a martini glass to serve.

Serves 1

2 thoughts on “Dirty Lemon Martini”

  1. If you’re gonna use preserved lemon make it with vodka not gin. The Juniper clashes a bit with thr preserved lemon. If you shake it, it isn’t a martini, it’s a Bradford. Stir it. Definitely. And it needs a garnish too. Pop a whole lemon in and don’t bother with adding the spoonful of juice. And 1/2 shot of vermouth is a bit much. I’d use half that or leave it out altogether and let the taste of the preserved lemon shine.


    1. Totally see your point! However, these are not my recipes, I am just cooking and blogging Nigella Lawson’s recipes.
      That said……I will indeed try your ideas, because who doesn’t need a martini these days?!


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